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Your employees will call you a genius for introducing them to Envia Forms. Maximize your employees' time by reducing piles of unnecessary paperwork so they can concentrate on what is important in your business - increasing the bottom line. Envia Forms will change how you do business every day.

  • For your iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod Touch
  • Works over WiFi and 3G
  • Safe and Secure
  • Access your data with Email, Excel Spreadsheet, Structured Data Feeds, and/or Database Integration
Available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Requirements: Compatible with iOS devices. Requires iOS 4.2 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection sometimes required.

Create customer facing forms with signature capture.

Use the camera and submit forms with embedded pictures.

Make listening to your customers easy. Record audio and play it back later.

Nice App! I played with the demo account for a while and really like the signature and picture parts...I signed-up for an account and they are creating my forms now.

- Xerik25

Great forms app backed by excellent service. I have been searching for a good forms application and I have finally found one...if you are looking for a solid forms application, look no further. This is it!!!

- Cherdawn
Where can I get support?

Support is available 24/7 via our Online portal. Just go to create a support account and login to browse the knowledgebase or open a support ticket.

Can the form be setup to email me?

Yes, our system is designed to offer a variety of ways for you to receive your mobile form data via the iOS device. The simplest of these is email delivery to one or more email addresses.

Will the iOS application work with the iPad 2?

Simply put...yes. You can take advantage of all the features and benefits of the iPad 2 including the both back and front facing cameras.

How does the app capture signatures?

The signature capture functionality is designed to store all signatures as high quality images. The image is then included and uploaded with the form data on submission.

How it Works

Paper Form Review

Send us the form(s) you want mobilized for streamlining your business.

Easy Setup and System Configuraton

We setup your customized distribution. All you need to do is tell us where you want your form(s) information to end up. We'll take it from there.

Form Conversion

After you send us your form(s), we will work to convert your paper form(s) for the iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod Touch. Next, we send the form(s) to your iOS device for your review.

Staff Training and Customer Support

We offer support on how to use the new mobile form(s) in your business.

What to do...

  • Sign Up

    Fill out the form.
  • Form Review

    Email us your paper forms.
  • Start Using

    Login with your account on your iOS device and start using.

App Screenshots

Envia Forms 1.2

Released on 05/09/11
  • Switched image type from (.png) to (.jpg): Images captured on the device (signature, photos, and drawings) will be saved with a (.jpg) extension rather than (.png).

  • Image size selection: A setting was added in the iForm Settings (General Device Settings > iForm Tab) that lets you choose what size to save your captured images. Full, Large, Medium (Default), and Small.

  • Save images to device photo-roll: A client setting was added that lets you choose whether to save captures images to the device photo-roll or not.

  • Auto capitalize first letter of text field: The first letter of a text field will have the auto-capitalization option enabled.

Envia Forms 1.1

Released on 03/05/11
  • Fixed: Bug where rating reminder took you to the wrong iTunes App.

Envia Forms 1.0

First Release Released on 02/15/11
  • New: Over-the-air form distribution.
  • New: Real time data upload.
  • New: Offline data collection.
  • New: Local encrypted database.
  • New: Application level remote wipe.
  • New: Keyboard cache protection.
  • New: Client-side password protection.
  • New: Offline data collection.
  • New: Capture Text.
  • New: Capture Pictures.
  • New: Capture Signatures.
  • New: Record Audio.
  • New: Use select lists.
  • New: Use pick lists.
  • New: Field Validation.
  • New: Use Input Masks.
  • New: Use Calculated Fields.
  • New: Embed Subforms.
  • New: Structured XML & JSON feeds availble for back-end database integration.
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